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Advantages of Cryptocurrency for Poker
Cryptocurrency is a volatile market that is has shown certain investors outrageous amount of ROI. Ever since the spike of bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been put on map for consumers all across the globe. This means people are possessing cryptocurrency wallets at a higher rate to trade or to even spend. One of the hottest trends of 2018 has been online poker using cryptocurrency. There are several reason that a concept like bitcoin can be advantageous to use in online gambling as oppose to real currency.

Poker players know the frustration of winning a big jackpot on a poker site and now you want to cash out but you have to put all of your personal details and after that having to wait 3-7 days on domestic sites and about 3-4 weeks for international sites for your check to arrive. You are also able to cut the absurd wait time for check arrivals by transferring your winnings directly to your E-wallet. This transaction usually does not take more than 1 business day. You are able to instantly make deposits and withdrawals.
The Importance of E-wallets
There are plenty of E-wallets to choose from all providing unique benefits. Upon creation you can instantly fund your wallet via bank wire or use bitcoin exchange services. E-wallets are widely accepted by most major online gambling websites. This is also where cryptocurrency like bitcoin can save so much inconvenience on identity safety as oppose to cash because it is completely untraceable and requires you to enter no personal information on random poker websites.

With access to E-wallet make as many transactions as you please with little to no identification required. Another way in which cryptocurrency differs from using real cash online is the fact that the transaction fees are significantly less with cryptocurrency. Most poker websites along with long processing time also take percentage cut from your winnings.The amount usually varies however with the use of bitcoin you are able to significantly lower the rates when you gamble in higher amounts.
Poker and Cryptocurrency are a great match
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How to Deposit?
If you want to know more about how cryptocurrency works when playing poker online, then just head over to our How to Deposit section, where we talk about everything you need to know about crypto poker
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Cryptocurrency vs Cash

Bitcoin charges a 2% transaction fee as oppose to most banks or Paypal who charge 2.9%. Also the opportunity for growth when it comes to cryptocurrency compared to cash is significantly higher as you are able to use the volatility of the market to your advantage. As you play using bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies available and win, this results in more cryptocurrency in your E-wallet.

If you do not instantly cash out but you instead decide to treat your winnings as a financial asset such a S&P 500 stock, this could then mean that another spike in bitcoin could expedite your ROI much quicker. This will then offer an unique dynamic to online gamblers as it offers a gamble within a gamble that has a much higher earning potential than just by playing poker alone with regular cash.
The Future is Already Here

As the changes and developments in online technology continues to grow and progress, digital currencies are no longer seen as just being a concept of the future, they are the here and now. This has never been more evident than in the spike of bitcoin which exposed and attracted many consumers of online poker across the planet to start creating E-wallets and start using their gambling skills in the poker game and the unpredictable but proven profitable market of cryptocurrency.

The advantages of using cryptocurrency to play online poker are really hard to look past as you are now able to avoid compromising any of your sensitive information and cash out without the inconvenience of waiting. The idea of using cryptocurrency to play poker online might have only been a distant dream a few years ago but now it is now very much a reality and growing every day.
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Another thing to be remembered is that cryptocurrency is seen as gold nowadays. Now, who wouldn't like to go to their favorite casino and use gold to buy chips? And while it's impossible to do this with gold, it's entirely possible to take advantage of cryptocurrency and buy poker chips online. If you are one of the lucky few who has 1BTC in his virtual wallet, then you're definitely prepared to battle on the top poker tourneys, and be greeted in a proper way at the tables, like the VIP that you are. But even if you have 0.2BTC, 1LTC, or a similar currency, you can always take on opponents and hope to boost your profits, especially if you have the poker skills with you.

Players need to remember that online poker has provided the highest rewards to date. From players entering with 100USD and getting out with 200,000USD, to those entering with 10,000USD and getting out with 1million USD, no other casino game has provided such steady winnings as poker. Therefore, with the inclusion of cryptocurrency market into the online poker world, players have a chance to earn more money while being free from taxes and commissions. Moreover, payment is fast and guaranteed for those who win at the tables, so there is no reason not to give it a try!
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