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Playing Poker with Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency is all about digital money and that which can be traded between people anywhere on the planet earth. This includes chips for online poker sites. There are a host of online poker sites that accept use of cryptocurrency, such the famous Bitcoin, by the online poker players and they are increasing day by day. Among the examples of cryptocurrencies are the Litecoin (LTC), Namecoin (NMC), Swiftcoin (STC), Bytecoin (BCN), Peercoin (PPC), Emercion (EMC), Gridcoin (GRC), Primecoin (XPM) and Ripple (XRP). With all these varieties available, the online gambling world has taken a charge at them and they are tremendously gaining momentum.

Cryptocurrencies are acquired through various ways. Commonly, you can acquire your cryptocurrency by buying, receiving them as a form of payment or by the mining process. It is advantageous to deposit on online poker sites by using cryptocurrencies because the transaction costs are relatively cheaper, the process is faster, and your security is guaranteed as there is no third party in the process hence your personal details will not leak easily.
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Buying Cryptocurrency
When depositing, the first step is to acquire your preferred cryptocurrency, for example by buying. There are many online exchanges where you can buy your cryptocurrency for example Coinbase. You will only be required to provide your debit or credit card or bank account details.
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Storing Cryptocurrency
Select the amount to buy and choose a storage type, you will have to pick a cryptocurrency wallet. The exchanges will provide you with cryptocurrency wallet which is a safe place to store your cryptocurrency but you need to find a physical device for storage if dealing with large amounts of the currency.
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Deposit and Withdraw
The next step is to create a cryptocurrency wallet. A majority of online poker sites will just settle for the free online cryptocurrency wallet, but there are a variety of options to go by, if you decide to purchase a physical device for storage. These include the Ledger Nano S, Jaxx and Keepkey. Next we jump to depositing. From here it is quite simple.

Choose on a trustworthy online poker site to play with. Sign up and create an account on the chosen online poker site. Log in and go to your profile page where on the dashboard you will find a button labelled deposit. Click on it and you will be prompted to link your account to your cryptocurrency wallet. Do so and you will be able to deposit any amount provided it does not fall below the minimum required to deposit.

You deposited, played and won. Now it is time to withdraw and enjoy your winnings. Withdrawing is much easier when dealing with cryptocurrencies. This is because there are no banks involved hence no processes are required. To withdraw, open the website for your online poker site and log in to your account. Just like when depositing, go to the profile page and find a button labelled as cashier. Click on it and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Choose on the cryptocurrency wallet you would like to store your winnings.
Remember the Steps
If you remember these simple steps then it really is easy to deposit and withdraw when using cryptocurrency to play poker online
Get the Cryptocurrency
The first thing you need to do to play poker with cryptocurrency is to make sure that you have some crypto.
Get the Storage
Once you have your cryptocurrency you then need to make sure that you have a safe place to store it.
Deposit the Cryptocurrency
Once you have everything in place, you then need to deposit some cryptocurrency to start playing poker.
Withdraw the Cryptocurrency
Once you start winning at online poker you can start to withdraw some of the cryptocurrency winnings.
Remember The Steps